The photography portfolio of Sebastian Anthony (Mr Seb). Landscape photos from around the world, portraiture and stage/theatre productions.

Wipe Out, Petrovac, Montenegro Kotor Full Moon, Montenegro Perast and Our Lady of the Rocks, Montenegro The Feet of Kotor, Montenegro Biogradsko Jezero (Lake Biograd), Montenegro
Trondheimsfjord, Norway Hardangerfjord, Norway Strandebarm, Norway Trondheimsfjord Dolphins, Norway Above Strandebarm, Norway
The Sheep and the Atlantic, Faroe Islands Kaldbaksfjordur, Faroe Islands Gøtuvík from Gøtugjógv, Faroe Islands Atlantic Dawn, Faroe Islands Leirvik Sunset, Faroe Islands
Riverside Sunset, Florence Riverside Dusk, Florence Venetian Canal, Italy Venetian Lagoon, Italy Bell Tower Full Moon, Venice, Italy
Bumble Bee, Sussex, England Morning Frost, Sussex Leith Hill, Surrey Sussex Winter No.1, England Sussex Sunset
Perfection, Sussex South Facing Sunset, Sussex Scrub Lands, Sussex, England English Twilight, Sussex Dark Meteor, Sussex, England
Paolo, Sussex, England Renegade Playboys, Essex, England Ray-Ban Kid, Sussex, England Flapper, Sussex, England Sebastian, Sussex, England